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Where Are Chicago’s Sister Cities Located?

World capitals. Centers of art and culture. The setting for one of the most famous movies in history. These are some of the most distinguishing aspects of Chicago’s Sister Cities.

Begun in 1956 by President Dwight Einsenhower, the Sister Cities program was seen as a way to promote cultural and economic exchanges with cities around the world. In 1960, Chicago signed its first Sister City agreement with Warsaw, the capitol of Poland, remarkable for the time considering that country was behind the Iron Curtain.

In the 53 years since, 27 other cities have become Sister Cities of Chicago. They include some of the world’s most famous cities, such as Paris, Moscow, Toronto, Mexico City, Milan – where you can view the artwork of Michelangelo and de Vinci – and Athens, home to the first ever Olympics. Also on the list of Chicago Sister Cities is Amman, Jordan, Birmingham, England, Belgrade, Serbia, Bogota, Colombia, Dehli, India, Durban, South Africa, Hamburg, Germany, Osaka, Japan, Prague, Czech Republic, Shanghai and Shenyang, China, Vilnius, Lithuania, Accra, Ghana, Busan, South Korea, Galway, Ireland, Gothenburg, Sweden, Kyiv, Ukraine, Lucerne, Switzerland, Petach Tikva, Israel, Lahore, Pakistan and the one that would make Humphrey Bogart proud, Casablanca, Morocco.

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